A deduplication tool for SQL Server

A robust, no code solution for complex deduplication needs. Start with a table or flat file or use SQL to query specific columns (full SQL keyword support). Deduplicate using multiple column values.

./dedupercli -r Successfully activated license file. ./dedupercli dedupe -sj CsvToSqliteDupesIn default_ds someSQLitefile -hc street,city,state,zip,price -DJtype=sql -DJjndiName=CsvToSqliteDupesOut -DJcontextName=default_ds -DJdeleteIfExists=true Successfully saved [dupes only] file under: /bin/data/DupesSQLite.db

Pick a table or use SQL

Deduplicate on any combination of columns

Get meta data, a duplicates reports, the deduped dataset and the duplicates dataset.